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The only service in the world that helps businessmen, entrepreneurs, and high-performers break and replace their bad habits for complete abundance, prosperity, and power in every area of their lives.

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  • Rolling around in the mud won’t solve your problems.

  • Shedding tears in the sand after a grueling marathon won’t undo your mistakes.

  • Scaling the side of a mountain won’t restore trust in your relationships.

  • And playing tug-of-war on the beach with a bunch of grunting guys certainly won’t accelerate your business to the next level.

You are more than just a 'warrior'. You are a complex, successful man who’s lost his way. And, truth is, the life you seek can only happen AFTER your COMEBACK is complete.



The life of the businessman is stressful. You’ve taken risks that few understand, and it’s lonely in your world.

The ROI rollercoaster keeps you up at night, and the constant pressure to perform weighs heavy.

You remain devoted to your business, but at the expense of your health, your family, and your peace of mind.

Over time, the pressure intensifies, and you turn to bad habits for comfort–booze, food, women, you name it.

Then, the guilt piles up. Your personal life deteriorates further. your business hangs in the balance. And when you look in the mirror, you wonder…

How the f*ck did I get here?



“I’ve known every darkness there is. I’ve indulged in every evil under the sun. I’ve felt shame tear at my insides and hated myself because of that shame. I lost one multi-million dollar business…then another…then another...

I buckled under the pressure. I lost my will to live.

Then, I lost my son and everything that ever mattered to me. Before I could end it all, I found a way out. I found my way back into the light. And now, for 10 years, I’ve been helping businessmen do the same..."


The COMEBACK METHOD systematically attacks and undermines the root causes of your habits, not the habits themselves. This is how, time and again, we’ve delivered change that lasts in as little as 45 days or less. There is no magic formula for real growth. But this is as close as it gets.

Here Is My Comeback

"I was being more productive at work , my employees had noticed and and were really excited about my attitude and the positivity that was coming out. All that stuff was still there, it was just locked up and drowned by the booze."

Here Is My Comeback

"I always wanted to be the number one guy, but I gave up that dream and that goal years ago. Within three months of starting The Comeback, I have that lifetime goal that I'd given up on. So in pretty short time, I turned that around, which just kind of showed me what a different mindset will make you capable of"

Here Is My Comeback

" The Comeback has allowed me to be my true version of myself , to be the man in the mirror that I'm proud to look at every single day. The man that my kids can say, that's my dad. That's my daddy. My wife can proudly walk down the streets to a barbecue and say, that's my husband. That's my man."


High performance coaching, tailored to suit your circumstances and needs across 3 distinct, transformative phases.


For men in the throes of uncertainty and pain, who require a deep knowledge of WHO they are, WHAT they want, and WHY they want it. So they can...

  • unravel their bad habits.

  • rediscover their passion.

  • uncover their purpose.

  • And acquire the mental fortitude they need to pursue this purpose with unwavering conviction.


For men with strong foundations, who want to establish honor and discipline across every area of their lives, so they can harness their power to...

  • fuel and sculpt their bodies…

  • rekindle fire and lust in their relationships…

  • skyrocket their businesses to new heights…

  • and become the leader that employees WANT to follow into battle day after day, beyond the promise of a pay-check.


Here reigns the pursuit of ultimate dominion over one’s life–complete mental, physical, and spiritual excellence.

This is where GREAT men are shaped and LEGACIES are made.


IAMACOMEBACK is a community and movement that thrives on merit, and we proudly stand by that. Experience has shown us that individuals deeply committed to personal and professional growth benefit the most from our approach. Often, those content with a typical 9-5 mindset may not fully embrace the rigorous self-investment our program demands. We aim to cultivate a dynamic environment where each member propels others toward greatness.

IAMACOMEBACK is specifically designed for business owners, entrepreneurs, high-performing professionals, and self-starters who are ready to commit to this transformative journey. If you don’t see yourself in these categories, our program might not be the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Question's


IAMACOMEBACK is a specialized coaching service tailored for high-achieving men, such as businessmen, entrepreneurs, and executives, aiming to empower them to overcome poor choices and regain control over their lives.

Comeback's focus on personal empowerment and structured support, helping each other to not only address issues related to alcohol use but also to improve decision-making skills, enhance personal and professional relationships, and achieve overall life success.

Through a mix of strategic guidance, accountability, and community support, IAMACOMEBACK provides the tools necessary for sustained personal growth and better life management.

How does the "Comeback Method" work?

The "Comeback Method" used by IAMACOMEBACK is about helping men get their lives back on track by changing how they think about the pressures they face in life. How to defeat triggers like alcohol and other coping mechanisms. It's not just about stopping drinking but building a life that's so good you don't feel like you need alcohol to cope.

Here's how it works:

  • Faith: Getting in touch with what you really believe in, which can guide you in making better choices.

  • Finances: Getting your money matters sorted so financial stress doesn’t drive you to drink.

  • Family: Improving relationships with family members, which can be your biggest support system.

  • Fitness: Keeping fit helps you feel good physically and mentally, making you less likely to turn to alcohol.

  • Future: Setting goals and planning ahead so you're excited about what's coming next.

  • Freedom: Breaking free from past mistakes and not letting them control your future.

  • Foundation: Building a solid base for your life that supports all the other areas.

Our approach helps men not just cut down on drinking but also improve every part of their lives, making them feel stronger and more fulfilled without needing alcohol or any other form of coping mechanism to solve life's biggest questions "What do I want?"

Who is IAmAComeback for?

IAMACOMEBACK is specifically designed for high-performing men who excel in their professional lives but face challenges with alcohol and other forms of coping dependencies. We understands that people like CEOs, business executives, lawyers, doctors, and entrepreneurs not only demand excellence from themselves in their careers but also in every aspect of their personal development. Our Clients often have tight schedules and high pressure environments, which requires a recovery solution that fits seamlessly into their busy lives and upholds their high standards.

IAMACOMEBACK's approach is both proactive and empowering, focusing on turning adversity into strength and making strategic life improvements rather than just overcoming alcohol dependency. By addressing core aspects such as personal accountability, career sustainability, family relationships, and physical health, IAMACOMEBACK helps these professionals create a life balance that promotes well-being and reduces the likelihood of relying on alcohol, food or other poor personal choices as a stress reliever.

  • Personal Accountability: The program emphasizes taking full responsibility for one’s actions and decisions, reinforcing the importance of self-control and discipline, which are critical traits for any successful individual.

  • Career Sustainability: For high-achievers, their careers are often a significant part of their identity. IAMACOMEBACK helps them develop strategies to manage stress and workload in healthier ways, ensuring their professional life doesn't drive them towards unhealthy habits.

  • Family Relationships: Strong personal relationships are crucial for emotional support. The program provides tools to improve communication and strengthen bonds with family, which can be a protective factor against stress and loneliness.

  • Physical Health: Physical fitness is another focus area, promoting not just the physical benefits of exercise, but also its effectiveness in reducing stress and improving mood.

    Each aspect of the program is tailored to fit into the demanding lives of high achievers, ensuring they can maintain their commitments while participating in recovery. The goal is to build a fulfilling life that naturally reduces the need for alcohol, aligning with their high standards and dynamic lifestyles.

What can I expect when I join?

IAMACOMEBACK offers a lot more than just a way to cut back on drinking. Here’s what you get when you join:

  • The Right Kind of Men, Men Like You: You’ll meet other high-achievers who know what it’s like to juggle a demanding job with personal issues. This community is all about support, sharing tips, and keeping each other motivated.

  • The Level of Coaching That You Need: Our team will work with you one-on-one to figure out what level of coaching you need to solve your particular problem.

  • A Clear Plan: A step-by-step approach that helps you understand why you drink and make the poor choices you have in your life, and what to do about it. We break everything down so it’s manageable and not overwhelming.

  • Practical Tools: You’ll learn real-life strategies for dealing with stress, making smarter choices, and staying healthy. These tools are meant to help you cut down on drinking and also improve your overall life.

  • Boost Your Work Game: Together, we help you sharpen your focus, make better decisions, and boost your productivity at work. This way, you’re not just getting better at handling the pressures of life; you’re also becoming better at your job.

  • Better Relationships: The program also helps you improve how you connect with your family and friends. You’ll work on your communication skills and learn how to strengthen these relationships, which can take a hit when you’re struggling with alcohol.

IAMACOMEBACK is designed to fit right into your busy life, helping you make meaningful changes without flipping your world upside down. It’s about more than just drinking less; it’s about building a better, more balanced life.

Is IT confidential?

IAMACOMEBACK ensures complete confidentiality for all it's Clients. Understanding the need for privacy, especially for high-profile individuals, we deliver discreet support and coaching. This helps clients overcome their challenges without compromising their professional or personal reputation.

IS IAMACOMEBACK JUST about solving an alcohol problem?

If you're coming to IAMACOMEBACK just to solve an alcohol problem, you're thinking entirely too small.

IAMACOMEBACK is much more than a program for overcoming alcohol—it's a pathway to becoming the best version of yourself. Our approach is tailored for men who are determined to excel in every aspect of their lives, not merely control their drinking.

We focus on uncovering and addressing the triggers and coping mechanisms you use under life’s pressures. We start this work by answering the question: 'Why am I choosing alcohol over myself?'

If you're prepared to face these questions and transform every aspect of your life, IAMACOMEBACK is the place for you.

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*Disclaimer: The services provided by IAMACOMEBACK LLC are not a substitute for clinical treatment, rehabilitation, or the advice of licensed professionals such as psychologists, counselors, doctors, physicians, or nurses. Our methods are not intended to replace professional medical or psychological treatment. If you require such services, please consult a qualified professional.

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