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“You’re never going to see him again”

Those were the words she said to me as she slammed the hotel room door…. and walked out with my son.

My heart sank. I knew I fucked up.

My son was everything to me.

And I blew it.

That was the moment I knew drinking had destroyed my life.

After that moment, my entire life spiraled downwards.

The business I built up to 75 million in annual revenue was taken from right underneath me.

The people I thought who were my friends stabbed me in the back.

And all I had was an empty house and a cabinet full of booze.

After two weeks of non-stop drinking and self-pity, I was an inch away from taking my own life.

But something miraculous happened, and I’m forever thankful for it.

Because it led me to discover an unconventional method of controlling drinking that no one talks about.

Not in conventional support groups.

From almost losing everything... this method helped me get my life back.

And I’ll tell you how that happened in just a second.

Because not only has this method helped me... 

It has helped over 9,462 men across America gain control of their drinking with a staggering 97.2% success rate.

And not only are they in full control of alcohol...

Their lives are firing on all cylinders.

From being able to share precious moments with their kids again...

To restoring lost relationships with their wives...

To just kicking ass in life... 

These men are living success stories and proof that everything we’ve been told about alcohol is wrong

And if you give me a few minutes... 

I’ll share with you my story and how this method works…

And how you can use it yourself too to gain control of your alcohol and gain back your life.

Let’s start from the beginning… 

Hi, I’m Mark Jennison.

People who see me today - they see my business, they see my family, and they see the life I’ve built…

And they think it’s a life out of a movie.

But the truth is... it wasn’t always like this. The person you see today is NOT the same person just a few years ago.

I’ve battled drug and alcohol addiction for over 21 years.

My mom and dad divorced when I was 14. Dad took my brother away, Mom was absent working, and I was left on my own to figure it out.

My way of “figuring it out” was alcohol and drugs.

At first, I thought drinking made everything better. More fun.

I could drink more, party more, fight more, I thought I was “the man”.

Drinking made falling asleep easier (although it was a shitty quality of sleep).

I thought alcohol was just what was needed to make a “good day” better and a “bad day” better. Alcohol was just a part of my life.

And for many years, I was able to keep my drinking up and still create a life that “looked good” on the surface.

Alcohol Made Everything Better… Until It Made Things Worse

In 2007, my uncle (who was like a father to me) died from a drinking-and-riding accident.

He left behind his trucking company to me - and it was in shambles.

So from 2007 to mid-2013, I battled with drinking while becoming successful…

Learned everything I could about that business and built it up to 75 million gross revenue.

But towards the end of that time, I chose to let the drinking take over…


And I thought I could get away with it like I always did...

But it all led to the one day where everything was ripped from beneath me…

The date was May 15th, 2013.

The Worst Day Of My Life

At the time, the worst day of my life… but it would ultimately lead me to a life-changing discovery.

Just a few months before, I had secured a multimillion dollar contract for the company.

Things were looking up, so I booked a trip to Jamaica for 4 days for the family.

But the trip ended almost as soon as it started.

I was drinking away any type of clear thinking I had. I wasn’t rational. All I could think about was getting the next buzz.

In that state, I thought I would be invincible. I thought I wouldn’t get caught.

But of course… I did get caught.

A few nights into the Jamaica trip, my son’s mom found drugs in my bag on top of me being drunk before noon.

She flipped out - she yelled, she screamed, we fought for a good couple hours. And for good reason.

That night she took my son and stood at the door ready to leave and fly out that very night…

And I’ll never forget what she said next to me…

“You’re never going to see him again!”

My heart sank.

I knew I fucked up. 

My son was everything to me. And I blew it.

I’ve always told myself I wanted to be a present father.

A father who was there for him, a father he could be proud of, a father he loved.

Yet here I was - drinking my life away. Drinking my son away. And I didn’t know it that night…

But drinking my business away.

Days later, when I went back to work… they kicked me off the premises and told me I was no longer needed.

The details don’t matter here - but it turned out that in my foggy state of mind from all the drinking...

I signed all my contracts away to my “ So called friends”.

They kicked me out of the business that I built for the past six years.

In the span of a few weeks...

I Lost My Business, I Lost My Sanity, And I Lost My Son.

All I could do for the next few weeks was sit in my house and drink.

I kept drinking until I woke up one day...

June 16th, 2013. Father’s Day.

When I woke up, I was ready to end it all.

So I started writing a final letter to my son.

But in the middle of writing that letter… I heard a voice.

I’m not sure where it was from, maybe God or whatever you want to call it… but I heard a voice.

It said…

“You’re not done yet”

And for whatever reason… I listened to that voice.

That day, I vowed to get my life back.

No matter what it took.

That day, I started my journey to sobriety.

And it led me to discover an unconventional method that would turn the entire alcohol addiction world upside-down.

Why Conventional Support Groups Don’t Work For Strong Men

The first thing that I tried was your typical support groups and meetings.

But they didn’t resonate with me... 

The people inside were not like me.

I had built up my life by making good choices and taking responsibility...

I wasn’t there because I was court-ordered or drafted. I wanted to change my life for the better.

If you’re like me, someone who has worked hard to build a good life...

Then you probably have a hard time relating with them as well.

It all makes sense when you look at how you have to admit to being powerless over alcohol.

I don’t know about you but that just rubs me the wrong way.

There are millions of men who still struggle with alcohol... 

Could this be the reason why?

After all, for guys like us...

Who have built our lives up… worked hard… took responsibility for our life... 

"Can we really admit we are powerless?"

"Can we really believe that we are victims?"

"Can we really believe that we don’t choose to drink… when we’ve chosen everything else in life?"

No… that wasn’t the answer.

I knew there must be another way… 

A way that made me a VICTOR… not a VICTIM.

Willpower Did Not Work Either

Most of my problems, I solve on my own. 

You probably do too.

My thought was, “If you wanna stop drinking… you just gotta want it bad enough right?”

But if you’re struggling with drinking… then you know it’s not that easy.

I thought willpower would do the trick and I thought it worked...

Sometimes I’d make it to 3 months… 6 months… 7 months… even 9 months.

But I’d never make it past a year - willpower was not a permanent change.

It would always lead to a temporary hiatus that always led back to a relapse.

Could Rehab Be The Answer?

Next, I tried rehab.

Inside, I was great.

I was clean, I was friendly with the staff, and even negotiated my way out of rehab early.

I had a way of fooling people that I was good when I wasn’t. Even myself.

Because as soon as I got out of rehab, I went straight to the bar and convinced myself…

“One wouldn’t hurt.”

And then I woke up hungover and wondering what happened last night...

Rehab was not the answer for me.

But I’m glad I went through all of that, because it led me to discover what the REAL reason is we fail.

Alcohol Was NOT The Problem… It Was The Answer.

Think about it.

Ask yourself why you drink. Ask any person why they drink.

“I drink because it feels good.”

“I drink to numb the feelings, to numb the pain.”

“I drink to medicate my anxiety. I drink to feel less socially awkward.”

“I drink to be more fun at parties.”

“I drink because everyone else does.”

“I drink because I have low self-esteem.”

“I drink to destress.”

Every drink has a reason behind it.

Every drink is a solution...

It’s a solution to what a problem we have in our lives.

Isn’t that true for you too?

And drinking as a solution is fine…

Until the solution becomes a bigger problem than the one you’re trying to solve.

How To Control Alcohol For Good

I looked at my life and asked...

“What was I trying to solve by drinking?”

That question took me to some dark places.

It took me to some emotions I didn’t want to feel.

It made me look at parts of myself I didn’t want to look at.

And it was tough at first… but I found a way through.

I created new solutions to the problems.

And then I got my life back...

I went back to work and built my life back up.

Finances were taken care of.

My career was on an upward trajectory. 

And after 5 months of struggle...

I Finally Got My Son Back

As I posted more on Facebook, people started to take notice.

Most of my videos at the time were about sales and business. But people didn’t care about that…

They cared about the story. And the story took on a life of its own.

People started calling me the “Comeback Kid”.

Then they reached out to me, asking me how I did it. They asked for help.

First it was one person.

Then two.

Then five.

Then ten.

I took a few men on as clients and tested my method to see if it worked for them.

It needed a few tweaks… but it worked.

From helping a few men...

This grew to a full-fledged movement that’s now helped over 9,462 men with their drinking.

But the question is…

HOW and WHY does it work?

How The Little-Known

“Comeback Method” Works

In alcohol addiction meetings, the first thing you’re asked to say is:

“Hi, I’m NAME. And I’m an alcoholic.”

The rest of the meeting is a recap of your weakness and failures.

This approach might work for some… but it didn’t work for me and many other men.

The method I prefer and have seen better results with is to give men a better target...

Instead of focusing on weakness and failures that shrink our view of life…

We focus on things that expand our lives.

At the core of the Comeback Method…

We focus on the 7 Pillars:

1. Faith

2. Finances

3. Family

4. Fitness

5. Future

6. Freedom

7. Foundation

Instead of focusing on “not drinking”, we are focused on building your life.

Instead of running away from your vices, we are moving towards your dreams and goals.

Instead of being powerless and a victim, you take back your power and you own your life.

How You Can Use The “Comeback Method” To Control Drinking And Get Your Life Back

At this point, you might be wondering how you can get personal help from me.

The short answer is: You can’t.

After I started helping clients succeed with their drinking and getting their lives back...

More and more people heard about this and asked for help.

At a certain point, I didn’t have enough hours in the day to help everyone.

So I raised my prices… first to $5,000, then to $10,000, and eventually... 

People Were Paying Me $25,000 For 1-on-1 Coaching

But even though people were paying me this much for coaching…

I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

I’m not in this to make money - I’m in this to help as many people as I could.

So instead of 1-on-1 coaching, I started offering exclusive group coaching.

In our exclusive group, called the “Comeback Council” - we have doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and elite men from all over America in the group.

Each Have Paid $5,000 To Join The Group Coaching

But even though people were paying me this much for coaching…

I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

I’m not in this to make money - I’m in this to help as many people as I could.

So instead of 1-on-1 coaching, I started offering exclusive group coaching.

In our exclusive group, called the “Comeback Council” - we have doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and elite men from all over America in the group.

With our group coaching, we’ve been able to help over 9,462 men in just the past few years.

But there was a problem... 

A big problem.

Because we reject many people who apply for our group coaching..

There were a LOT of people who couldn’t get help from me.

There was no way they could afford my personal help… or the group coaching.

So here’s what I decided to do...

I Spent The Last Few Years And Over $100,000+ To Make The “Comeback Method” Available To Everyone

It was clear that the “Comeback Method” worked.

After over 9,462 men have gone through the process… they’ve achieved a 97.2% success rate.

Now, the challenge was to make the “Comeback Method” available to everyone.

That way, the people who couldn’t afford my $25,000 personal coaching or my $5,000 group coaching, can still have a shot. 

Over the last few years, I’ve been secretly developing a platform to help people with their drinking.

And after putting it through beta testing... 

It is finally ready!

Introducing The Comeback Community:

The Easiest, And Most Effective Platform For Controlling Your Drinking For Good

My team and I have put tremendous thought into building this platform.

It’s designed to give you the best chance of getting back control of drinking.

Here’s how it works:

It’s a mobile application designed to help you control your drinking with ease - one day at a time.

The 7 Pillars and the Comeback Method are integrated directly into the application.

So you are always moving towards your future life, instead of away from drinking. 

[1] 365 Days Of Coaching From Me, Mark Jennison

Inside the app - you’re going to get a coaching video from me. Every single day.

These coaching videos are short 3-minute videos that will give you a mission and action item for the day.

So that way you are building your life up one day at a time and always better than the last.

Each video is sequenced to meet you where you are at in your journey... 

So if you’ve tried many times before to control your drinking but have failed… I’ll shoot you a coaching video for that.

If you’ve relapsed after a good streak and you’re feeling guilty… I’ll shoot you a coaching video for that.

If you’re 6 days in… almost about to hit one week… but you’re feeling like you might slip… I’ll shoot you a coaching video for that.

After 5 years of helping men overcome drinking… there’s almost no scenario that we don’t know how to handle.

Once you engage with these daily coaching videos, your temptation will be replaced with excitement for life.

No more depression, guilt, or anger - just pure fire and ambition.

Remember - men have paid me $25,000 for personal coaching and $5,000 for group coaching… this alone is worth thousands for you.

[2] Proven Tools That Literally Force You Into A Better Life

Even today, I still use the tools and techniques that helped me 5 years ago.

When my clients stay consistent with it, their life gets better and better.

When they stop using the tools we give them, they start to slip.

Inside the Comeback Community, you’re going to get all the tools our Comebacks use to achieve the 97.2% success rate.

These tools literally force you to start bettering your life… no matter how down or depressed you are at the moment.

It’s integrated directly into the platform and it tracks your progress as well - so you can visually see how you are improving each and every day.

[3] Exclusive LIVE Weekly Calls With Mark

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to do it on your own.

What makes your transformation STICK long-term is to be around others who are on the same journey.

That’s why inside the Comeback Community, you’ll have access to weekly calls with me and all the other Comeback Community members.

On these calls, we’ll answer specific questions that you can submit through the app.

This means no matter what you are going through, we’ll have an answer for you.

[4] Access to a Community Group To Keep You On Track

This is not like your normal alcohol addiction groups.

You won’t find depressed, defeated victims here - you’re going to be part of an elite group determined to create their best life ever.

You’ll be held accountable for what you want to achieve.

That doesn’t mean you can’t share your struggles here...

It just means you’ll be met with effective solutions instead of useless sympathy.

Whenever you feel like you’re about to go off track, this group is where you go to and reset.

An Investment Less Than The Amount You’d  Spend To Get Buzzed 

My goal is to help as many people (who want to be helped) as possible.

That’s why I’m making the Comeback Community affordable.

It is not going to be $25,000..

That’s the amount you’d need to pay for personal 1-on-1 coaching with me.

You won’t need to pay $5,000….

That’s the amount you’d need to enter the Comeback Council group coaching.

You won’t even need to pay $1,000.

Or even $500.

Instead, I thought about how to make it affordable for everyone struggling with drinking.

How much would you say you spend on drinks every day?

I get different answers to this question depending on who I ask... 

But no matter who I talk to, that amount is at least $5 a day.

So, to make the Comeback Community a reasonable investment - what if you just shifted the amount you spent on drinks?

That’s why the Comeback Community will be only an investment for...

Less Than $3 A Day - Only $97 Per Month

But before you pay me a dime, I want you to try it out first.

14 days is what it takes for me to help you start to see a change...

And it will also be enough time for me to know if you're a good fit for the Community.

I don't want victims in this group. 

I want people who WANT to make a change and BELIEVE they can.

If that's you, click the link, sign-up and let's get started.

Here’s Everything You Are Getting When You Join The Comeback Community

1. 365 Days Of Coaching From Me, Mark Jennison

($2,000 Value)

2. Proven Tools That Literally Force You Into A Better Life

($1,000 Value)

3. Exclusive LIVE Weekly Calls With Mark

($1,500 Value)

4. Your Own Personal Accountability Group

($1,000 Value)


The Comeback Community Is Not For Everyone

Look, I don’t ever sell anything to anyone.

I just give choices to people who want to be helped.

That might not be you - you might want to continue drinking or try to stop it your own way.

The Comeback Community is a special place.

It’s a place for people who believe they have a choice.

It’s a place for people who believe it is possible to have a better life.

It’s a place for people who believe they are powerful and strong.

If you believe in the conventional support group philosophy and want to stay a victim - that’s fine, it’s your choice.

But if you’re ready to put in work and let me guide you along the way… then the Comeback Community is your only choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Included In The Comeback Community?

When you join the Comeback Community, you’ll be given access to a proprietary mobile application...

Where you get daily coaching videos, personalized tools to help you track your progress, weekly live calls for Comeback Community members only.

You’ll have access to forums inside to interact with other members as well.

How do I know this will work for me?

This will work for you because you are not left on your own to use your willpower.

You’ll be given guidance, community, accountability, and support throughout the entire process.

The Comeback Community is designed to help you succeed even when you are at your lowest.

It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you can take one step forward - we’ll be here to support you.

I’ve tried so many times before, how will this time be different?

The reason it's going to be different is that we give you the proven tools that has helped our men achieve a 97.2% success rate.

And the only way to truly quit… is to quit on yourself.

If you believe in even a small chance of succeeding with this, then you owe it yourself to try.

Nobody is going to come save you if you don’t believe in yourself first.

How’s this different from conventional support groups?

We are exactly the opposite. The Comeback Community is all about turning your struggle into strength. It’s about coming from a positive place, not a negative one.

The people inside are not there because they’re court-ordered or drafted. They are here because they want to be here.

We don’t believe in powerlessness.

There are people who do well with support groups and meetings and that’s good for them - but we know there are millions of people that those do not work for...

So that’s why the Comeback Community was created - to serve those who believe in their own power.

What’s the difference between this and forums or support groups?

This is not just a support group.

The Comeback Community is based on principles, tools, and techniques used to help over 9,462 men achieve a 97.2% success rate.

It’s the first time we’ve made these methods available to the public, you won’t see this anywhere else.

Do I get a personal coach?

There won’t be personal coaches - but you’ll have experienced Comebacks inside your accountability group who can answer your questions when needed.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel any time if you feel the Comeback Community is not helping you. Just email


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