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How Almost Losing My Son Led Me To Discover The “Comeback Method” And Finally Win My 21-Year Long Battle  With Alcohol…

How Almost Losing My Son
Led Me To Discover The “Comeback Method” And Finally Win My 21-Year Long Battle

With Alcohol…

How Almost Losing My Son 
Led Me To Discover The “Comeback Method” 

And Finally Win My 21-Year Long Battle 

With Alcohol…

How Almost Losing My Son Led Me To Discover The “Comeback Method” And Finally Win My 21-Year Long Battle With Alcohol…

Now, This Unconventional System Is Being Used By Thousands Of Men Across The Country To Gain Control of Their Drinking, Win Their Families Back, And Make Their Friends Ask “What Changed?”

Dear Friend,

If you’re struggling to control your drinking…

If your relationship with your family, your wife, and your kids is not where you want it to be...

If you’re lost in the chaos and thinking, “why do I keep doing this to myself?”...

Then read on.

Because I’m about to share with you a discovery that could be the key to reshaping your life and...

Gain Control Over Alcohol Forever

What I’m about to share could be the key to you never being controlled by alcohol again…

Even if you’re stressed at the end of a long workweek…

Even if you’re at a work party, a bar with friends, or a family outing...

Even if you’ve had a big fight with your wife and need something to “calm the nerves”.

But before I continue, realize what I’m about to say will either connect with you at the core…

Or it will offend you on a deep level...

Because what I’m about to share with you flies against the face of conventional wisdom and what millions of Americans believe about alcohol.

It Challenges What Has Been Considered The

“Truth” For The Past 85+ Years

But what I’ve found has changed my life and thousands of others.

And my journey to this discovery was not a happy story.

It’s a story filled with bad decisions, words I wish I could take back, and as you’ve already read...

Almost losing my son.

But in the end, I’m grateful for it.

Because through my painful journey, it’s led me to a discovery about...

Why Strong Men Drink Uncontrollably And…

How To Take Back Control

I’ve shared this discovery with men from all over the world to help them control their drinking...

These are strong and successful men - CEOs, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, hard workers, and world leaders...

Some of these men have drank for over 15+ years, some drank 10-20 drinks a day, and some drank until they blacked out on weekends…

They all regained control once they realized this one truth...

And it might sound counterintuitive but...

Alcohol Is NOT The Real Problem

I’ll explain why in just a moment.

Because you see, some people believe drinking is completely hereditary or genetic...

Some people believe drinking is an addiction and you have no choice in the matter...

Some people believe you need to submit to a higher power in order to overcome drinking...

I disagree.

Because once they accepted this one simple truth...

Men Succeeded In Their Mission

And if you keep reading, I’ll show you how to stop drinking completely (or if you prefer, enough control to just drink like a normal person) ...

Without going to depressing support groups or 12-step programs...

Without going to detox centers...  

And without whiteknuckling it.

But be warned...

What you’re about to read will challenge you, it will make you uncomfortable, and if you don’t click off this page right now...

You may never think of alcohol the same way again.

Still here?

Good. Then let’s begin.

Hi, I’m Mark Jennison

Hi, I’m Mark Jennison

People who see me today - they see my business, they see my family, and they see the life I’ve built…

And they think it’s a life out of a movie.

But the truth is... it wasn’t always like this. The person you see today is NOT the same person just a few years ago.

I’ve battled drug and alcohol addiction for over 21 years.

My mom and dad divorced when I was 14. Dad took my brother away, Mom was absent working, and I was left on my own to figure it out.

My way of “figuring it out” was alcohol and drugs.

At first, I thought drinking made everything better. More fun.

I could drink more, party more, fight more, I thought I was “the man”.

Drinking made falling asleep easier (although it was a shitty quality of sleep).

I thought alcohol was just what was needed to make a “good day” better and a “bad day” better. Alcohol was just a part of my life.

And for many years, I was able to keep my drinking up and still create a life that “looked good” on the surface.

Alcohol Made Everything Better…

Until It Made Things Worse

In 2007, my uncle (who was like a father to me) died from a drinking-and-riding accident.

He left behind his trucking company to me - and it was in shambles.

So from 2007 to mid-2013, I battled with drinking while becoming successful…

Learned everything I could about that business and built it up to 75 million gross revenue.

But towards the end of that time, I chose to let the drinking take over…


And I thought I could get away with it like I always did...

But it all led to the one day where everything was ripped from beneath me...

The date was May 15th, 2013.

At the time, the worst day of my life… but it would ultimately lead me to a life-changing discovery.

Just a few months before, I had secured a multimillion dollar contract for the company.

Things were looking up, so I booked a trip to Jamaica for 4 days for the family.

But the trip ended almost as soon as it started.

I was drinking away any type of clear thinking I had. I wasn’t rational. All I could think about was getting the next buzz.

In that state, I thought I would be invincible. I thought I wouldn’t get caught.

But of course… I did get caught.

A few nights into the Jamaica trip, my son’s mom found drugs in my bag on top of me being drunk before noon.

She flipped out - she yelled, she screamed, we fought for a good couple hours. And for good reason.

That night she took my son and stood at the door ready to leave and fly out that very night…

And I’ll never forget what she said next to me…

“You’re Never Going To See Him Again.”

My heart sank.


I knew I fucked up. 

My son was everything to me. And I blew it.

I’ve always told myself I wanted to be a present father.

A father who was there for him, a father he could be proud of, a father he loved.

Yet here I was - drinking my life away. Drinking my son away. And I didn’t know it that night…

But drinking my business away.

Days later, when I went back to work… they kicked me off the premises and told me I was no longer needed.

The details don’t matter here - but it turned out that in my foggy state of mind from all the drinking...

I signed all my contracts away to my “ So called friends”.

They kicked me out of the business that I built for the past six years.

In the span of a few weeks...

I Lost My Business, 

I Lost My Sanity, 

And I Lost My Son.

All I could do for the next few weeks was sit in my house and drink.

I kept drinking until I woke up one day...

June 16th, 2013. Father’s Day.

When I woke up, I was ready to end it all.

So I started writing a final letter to my son.

But in the middle of writing that letter… I heard a voice.

I’m not sure where it was from, maybe God or whatever you want to call it… but I heard a voice.

It said…

“You’re not done yet?”

And for whatever reason… I listened to that voice.

That day, I vowed to get my life back.

No matter what it took.

That day, I started my journey to sobriety.

And it led me to uncover a truth most are not willing to accept.

First, Willpower Doesn’t Work

I see myself as a strong individual, can hold my own, and solve most problems on my own.

I thought it would be the same with drinking. You’ve just gotta want it bad enough, right?

If you’ve struggled with drinking, then you know it’s not that simple.

It’s not a simple “no” you say to drinking… and you don’t just stop cold turkey.

Sure, I’ve had “success” with whiteknuckling it.

Streaks were as long as 3 months, 6 months, 7 months, even 9 months.

But It always ended up being just a temporary hiatus that always led back to a relapse.

Was Rehab The Answer?

Next, I tried rehab.

I was clean while I was inside.

But once, I got out - it was straight to the bar for me. Somehow convinced myself that “one wouldn’t hurt”.

And then I ended up waking up with a hangover and wondering what happened last night.

Rehab was not the answer for me.

Could Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) be the answer?

In 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous Was Founded…

Since its birth, the brotherhood of Alcoholics Anonymous has helped many men with their addiction to alcohol…

I thought it would be the answer for me too.

But even with the great contribution AA gave to society...

Something about it didn’t make sense to me.


If AA was THE answer to controlling our drinking… 

Then why does the market value of alcohol continue to increase year-by-year?

It’s currently a $250 billion industry.

Billions of dollars... on alcohol… alone.

This made me question...

What if

Everyone Was Wrong About Alcohol?

Some people think drinking is completely hereditary… genetic.

Some people think it’s just the way they are or it’s just how they grew up.

Step 1: We admitted we were powerless over alcohol— that our lives had become unmanageable.” 

I don’t know about you, but that just rubs me the wrong way.

I knew that there were millions of people struggling with drinking who fail with conventional methods...

Could this be it?

After all, for guys like us...

Who have built our lives up… worked hard… and took responsibility for our life...

Can we really admit that we are powerless?

Can we really believe that we are victims?

Can we really believe that we don’t choose to drink… when we’ve chosen everything else in our life?


Admitting we are powerless is NOT the answer.

Because we know we are powerful.

This gave me a powerful realization...

I chose to drink.

The choice was mine.

Every bottle, every glass, every sip.

It was my choice.

But now the question was… why did I choose to drink?

Alcohol Is Not The Problem.

Alcohol Is The Solution.

Alcohol Is The Solution.

Think about it.

Ask yourself why you drink. Ask any person why they drink.

“I drink because it feels good.”

“I drink to numb the feelings, to numb the pain.”

“I drink to medicate my anxiety. I drink to feel less socially awkward.”

“I drink to be more fun at parties.”

“I drink because everyone else does.”

“I drink because I have low self-esteem.”

“I drink to destress.”

Every drink has a reason behind it.

Every drink is a solution...

It’s a solution to what a problem we have in our lives.

Isn’t that true for you too?

And drinking as a solution is fine…

Until the solution becomes a bigger problem than the one you’re trying to solve.

Solving The Real  Problem

I looked at my life and asked...

“What was I trying to solve by drinking?”

That question took me to some dark places.

It took me to some emotions I didn’t want to feel.

It made me look at parts of myself I didn’t want to look at.

And it was tough at first… but I found a way through.

I created new solutions to the problems.

And then I got my life back...

I went back to work and built my life back up.

Finances were taken care of.


My career was on an upward trajectory.  


And after 5 months of struggle...  

I Finally Got My Son Back.

As I posted more on Facebook, people started to take notice.

Most of my videos at the time were about sales and business. But people didn’t care about that…

They cared about the story. And the story took on a life of its own.

People started calling me the “Comeback Kid”.

Then they reached out to me, asking me how I did it. They asked for help.

First it was one person.

Then two.

Then five.

Then ten.

I took a few men on as clients and tested my method to see if it worked for them.

It needed a few tweaks… but it worked.

From helping a few men...

This grew to a full-fledged movement that’s now helped over 4,723+ men with their drinking.

And if you’re up for it, you can join the Comeback movement too.

How The Cutting-Edge 

“Comeback Method” Works

In conventional support groups, the first thing you’re asked to say is:

“Hi, I’m NAME. And I’m an alcoholic.”

The rest of the meeting is a recap of your weakness and failures.

This approach might work for some… but it didn’t work for me and many other men.

The method I prefer and have seen better results with is to give men a better target...

Instead of focusing on weakness and failures that shrink our view of life…

We focus on things that expand our lives.

At the core of the Comeback Method...

We focus on 7 pillars:

1: Faith

2: Finances

3: Family

4: Fitness

5: Future

6: Freedom

7: Foundation

These are the areas of expansion.

These are the new solutions that will solve the real problems.

Instead of running away from alcohol, you are marching towards your true potential.

What is

The Comeback Council?

The Comeback Council?

The Comeback Council is a confidential 90-day program designed to help men gain control of their drinking.

It’s the ultimate alternative to conventional support groups and meetings.

It can be completed from the comfort of home (though there are in-person experiences only available to members).

And best of all...

The individuals inside are composed of elite, like-minded men who want to become the best version of themselves.

There are no victims here, no depressing sob stories.

(Though we do share our struggles and overcome them together, we don’t indulge in our struggles.)

Objective 1: Develop An Unstoppable Mindset

Objective 2: Become The Man You Want To Be

Objective 3: Develop Core Confidence

Objective 4: Balance, Business, Life And Family

Objective 5: Overcome Obstacle And Challenges

Objective 6: Maintain Momentum And Consistency

Objective 1: 

Develop An Unstoppable Mindset

Objective 2: 

Become The Man You Want To Be

Objective 3: 

Develop Core Confidence

Objective 4: 

Balance, Business, Life And Family

Objective 5: 

Overcome Obstacle And Challenges

Objective 6: 

Maintain Momentum And Consistency

In addition to this, there are weekly coaching calls to keep members on track.

There are also personalized coaching calls to tailor your Comeback journey to you.

The design of this program has led men succeeding when they join.

New Members Accepted

Via Application Only

Via Application Only

To keep the integrity of the group and to ensure we can give you the best results...

Acceptance into the Comeback Council is by application only.

To qualify, members need to have real commitment.

Because the road will have ups and downs…

We help all our members through their challenges, but we need to know members will stay on for the ride.

This way, every time a new member enters the Comeback Council...

The group can feel safe knowing that it is a committed man joining the tribe.

If you want to apply for the Comeback Council, use the button below to apply now.

What Happens After This?

After clicking on the “Apply Now” button…

You’ll be taken to the next page where you’ll answer a few questions.

And then you can book a time to chat with my team.

You’ll then be emailed the details and instructions for the call.

On the call, we’ll talk about your goals, your main challenges, and what the best way forward is.

If it’s not a good fit in the end, you can say no to us… or we can say no to you… no hard feelings.

But one thing will come out of the call.

You will leave with clarity, confidence, and a sense of direction.

Are You Ready?

Henry David Thoreau famously said,

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

You have a choice right now

© 2020