Limited Edition - 'I Am A Comeback' Shirt
"The Comeback" Manifesto

A COMEBACK believes that a setback is a setup for a comeback. We are all capable of internal and external greatness because the choice lies in our hands. We have free will and can choose to be great rather than ordinary. We believe a COMEBACK is in every one of us and it is the highest form of hope that we can achieve. It is a decision to make a left or a right, a right or a wrong. A decision to use our COMEBACK in creating a new beginning.

A COMEBACK believes that hard times were given to grow us. We are leaders in extreme forms of growth through life's challenges, which ultimately separates the winners from the losers. We believe a COMEBACK chooses us, we don't choose it. 

A COMEBACK inspires and helps others choose perseverance over surrender. We share with one another the gift of hope. 

A COMEBACK wants to be in the trenches helping others claw back to the top. We pick each other up, no matter the circumstances, and change every aspect of our lives for the better.

A COMEBACK never gives up. Giving up is not an option - it is the only way to truly lose. 

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